Five Questions worksheet - Chapter wise - Exercise wise worksheets of 5 questions as per NCERT book

Unit 1 - Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications
Modulo arithmeticWS 1WS 2WS 3
Congruence ModuloWS 1WS 2WS 3
Simple arithmetic functionsWS 1WS 2WS 3
Allegation or mixtureWS 1WS 2WS 3
Numerical problems on boats and streams, partnership, pipes and cistern, races and games, schedulingWS 1WS 2WS 3
Numerical inequalitiesWS 1WS 2WS 3
Unit 2 - Algebra
Solution of simultaneous linear equations using elimination method up to 3 variablesWS 1WS 2WS 3
Matrices and types of MatricesWS 1WS 2WS 3
Alzebra of matricesWS 1WS 2WS 3
DeterminantsWS 1WS 2WS 3
Inverse of a matrixWS 1WS 2WS 3
Cramer's rule and its applicationWS 1WS 2WS 3
Simple applications of matrices and determinants including Leontiff input output model for two variablesWS 1WS 2WS 3
Unit 3 - Calculus
Application of derivativesWS 1WS 2WS 3
Increasing/Decreasing functionsWS 1WS 2WS 3
Maxima and MinimaWS 1WS 2WS 3
Marginal cost and marginal revenue using derivativesWS 1WS 2WS 3
IntegrationWS 1WS 2WS 3
Indefinite integral as family of curvesWS 1WS 2WS 3
Definite integral as area under the curveWS 1WS 2WS 3
Integration of simple algebraic functions (primitive, by substitution, by parts)WS 1WS 2WS 3
Application of Integration (consumer surplus-producer surplus)WS 1WS 2WS 3
Differential equation (definition, order, degree)WS 1WS 2WS 3
Application of differential equation (Growth and Decay Model)WS 1WS 2WS 3
Unit 4 - Probability
Probability DistributionWS 1WS 2WS 3
Mathematical ExpectationWS 1WS 2WS 3
VarianceWS 1WS 2WS 3
Binomial DistributionWS 1WS 2WS 3
Poisson distributionWS 1WS 2WS 3
Normal distributionWS 1WS 2WS 3
Basic applications and inferencesWS 1WS 2WS 3
Unit 5 - Inferential Statistics
Population and sampleWS 1WS 2WS 3
Parameter, statistic and statistical inferencesWS 1WS 2WS 3
t-Test (one sample t-test and two independent groups t-test)WS 1WS 2WS 3